September 17, 2021

Apple Watch 6 And Apple Watch SE Launched with Latest Technology; Features and Specification

In Apple Event 2020 (September) apple announce some exciting product and services in their lunch event. Here we discuss about Watch OS 7, apple watch 6 and apple watch se all features and Specification. Apple mainly focused on 2 products played integral roles in peoples everyday life- Apple watch and iPad. Apple also reveled fitness plus and apple one features.

Apple Watch 6 Specification and Features-

Apple watch has introduced great health features like heart monitoring, cycle tracking and fall detection and even the ability to take on ECG. In this event apple also showcase that how apple watch helps to saving people lives and many more activities about enriches their lives.

Apple watch OS 7 adds several important health features that take advantage of powerful technology in apple watch.

  • The new sleep app uses the motion sensors to track your sleep.
  • Automatic hand washing detection that recognizes the motion and sound when washing your hands and encourage you to continue for the recommended 20 seconds.
  • Watch OS 7 now uses your motion and heartrate (VO2 Max) to mesure a lower range of VO2 Max values.

What is VO2 Max ?

Now American heart association recommends routinely accessing cardio fitness levels and VO2 Max is the most accurate way to capture this. VO2 Max is mesure in special clinics . Watch OS 7 can now mesure a full range of VO2 Max which is a powerful predictior of your overall health. You can receive a notification if your VO2 Max drops to those lower levels.

vo2 max

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Apple watch 6 Series is most colourful lineup ever. There’s new blue aluminum case, this updated classic gold stainless steel called graphite & 1st time new stunning apple watch red.

Apple watch 6 comes with new incredible technology including a new health sensors that you can mesure blood oxygen right from your wrist. New sensors in Series 6 shine red and infrared light onto your wrist and mesures the amount of light reflected back. Advanced algorithms use this data to calculate the colour of your blood. Which indicates the amount of oxygen present. It take a measurement in just 15 seconds. Series 6 also captures periodic background readings and stores them in your health app. It can record background measurement while you sleep.

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Blood Oxygen saturation also known as SPO2 is a key measurement that contains critical information about your breathing. It circulation with apps that mesures Heart rate and heart rhythm. In apple watch 6 blood oxygen & pulse oximeter are helps during covid pandemic. To enable future medical discoveries apple launched 3 new health metrics from apple watch can manage conditions that affect the hearts and lungs.

Whether measuring , blood oxygen , making a phone call on your watch or simply checking your activity rings, all made possible by apple silicon. Apple watch 6 includes a high performance dual core procceser based on the A13 bionic in iPhone but optimized for apple watch. The S6 is upto 20% faster than the previous generation.

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Other great Features are- Series 6 always on display making it easier to read your watch on sunny days because of energy efficient design without having to wake the display. It 2.5 times brighter outdoors when your wrist is down. Apple watch 6 also features a new always on altimeter that provides continuous elevation throughout day. You can see your elevation change in real time, with able to mesure your blood saturation right from your wrist.

Watch Faces-

The watch face is the most powerful and personal aspect of Apple watch. The GMT face shows multiple time zones at once and takes into account where you are. The count- up face let’s you start tracking elapsed time from any given point. Inspired by classic racing watches the Chrono graph pro face features, multiple time scales, including a tachymeter to mesure speed based on time traveled over a set distance. In the typograph face numerals can be displayed in three custom type styles and four different scripts.

There are millions of art combinations , and different one animates when you raise your wrist. The emoji face brings your favorite emoji to your watch. Each one moves and reacts to your touch and with the stripes face.

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In watch OS 7 apple also gave developers new tools to build even more specialized watch faces. So you can choose your required watch faces like- down patrol app for surfing, lumy apps for photography, and health care app etc.

Interchangeble Bands-

Traditional watch bands have a clasp or a buckle and they’re limited to a few preset sizes for fit. The solo loop is remarkably simple. No clasp, no buckle, no overlapping parts. Just one continuous piece made from custom liquid silicon. The solo loop is stretchable, so you can easily slip it on and off your wrist. Great looks and it’s durable and it’s swim proof, available in a range of sizes for comfortable fits.

It comes in 7 different colours. Braided solo loop available and made from 100% recycled yarn that’s meticulously braided with ultrathin high silicon threads and will be available in 5 colours. For apple watch Hermes apple introducing new attelage band in both single tour and double tour.

Family Setup-

With family setup you can use your iPhone to pair watches for your children or older members in your household. Who don’t have their own phones and they will have their own phone number and account. You have comfort of knowing they’re just a call away. You get safety and communication features that technology can deliver in a device that can be managed responsibly like contact communicate with your kids when using message and more. You can setup automatic caution notifications.

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While learning the new school time mode helps kids to stay focused with do not disturb, restricted interaction. This distinctive look which teachers and parents can recognize at a glance. Family setup requires a cellular model of apple watch series 4 and later and will be available at lunch with this carrier partners.

Apple watch 6 starts at just $399 and series 3 continue at price of $199.

Apple Watch Se-

Apple watch SE has the S5 chip for upto 2 times faster performance than Series 3. Cellular models allows to make phone calls, message and more even without phone with family setup and great for kids.

Apple watch SE has same accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and altimeter as apple watch 6. Because of latest motion sensors it support fall detection features that’s made a life-saving difference. Including the new capability in Watch OS 7, apple watch SE starts at just $279.

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