September 17, 2021

Apple Homepod Mini Launched With Siri Assistance; Specification and Price

Previous month apple launched apple watch 6, apple watch se and apple iPad. This October event apple launched brand new apple homepod Mini and iPhone 12 series Smartphone. Apple focused 3 key attributes while they designing products for home. That are- Easy to use, to work better together seamlessly and to protect privecy. Apple also applied this principles in Homepod Mini.

Apple Homepod Mini Specification-

It comes with 2 colours- white and space gray. Homepod Mini is breakthrough speaker that combines precise, high- fidelity sound with the intelligence of Siri. It provides an entirely new way to discover and interact with music at home. It is a smart speaker with a compact, elegant design and wrapped in mess fabric that looks great. On top of Homepod Mini is a backlit touch surface that provides control for volume, play/pause and even illuminates when you invoke Siri.

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It’s amazing sound that ensures your music, podcasts and everything you listen to sounds incredible. It’s world class intelligent assistance Siri helps you wherever you are and homes become smarter. You want it to serve as the brain of your smart home for orchestrating and controlling a wide range of devices. Privacy and security at the fare front, all this is exactly what Homepod Mini is designed to deliver.

Apple Homepod Mini had amazing sound with custom designing every acustic element. It has a full range 4 inch driver that delivers high output while keeping distortion to a minimum. It developed a pair of high excursion, force cancelling passive radiators that enable amazing bass response. This smart speaker delivers a consistent 360° sound experience, enabling you to place Homepod anywhere. Apple combined it with the powerfull apple S5 chip.

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Apple Homepod Mini is analyzing the unique characteristics of the music and applying complex tuning modes to optimize loudness, adjust the dynamic range, and control movement of the driver and passive radiators in real time. All this happen over 180 times a second.

When you will place two in same room, they’ll intelligently become a strerio pair, filling you space with Rich, enveloping sound. Homepod Mini can understand with high precision, when iPhone is nearby. It can play all favorite content addition to Apple music, you can listen to all your favorite podcasts along with radio stations like iHeartRadio,, and TuneIn. In the coming months you’ll be able to use service from providers like Pandora and Amazon.

Siri Assistance is makes a smart speaker well smart. Siri is available now over billion devices. Together Siri and Homepod Mini do everything you would expect from smart speaker. From multiple timers and alarms to weather reports to answering the random questions. Siri’s deep integration with iPhone, Homepod Mini can access the apps on your iPhone to send message, check your calendar, make a call , even find your iPhone. For personal update Homepod Mini can recognize the voice of every family member, so that everyone can get their own personal experience.

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You can control all of your home kit accessories with just your voice from iPhone home app. You can ask to turn down the heat, lock the door, dim the light etc. To control lighting, security, comfort and more, intercom let’s you quickly send a message from one Homepod to another in a different room. Apple designed intercom to also work with iPhone, iPad, apple watch and even carplay. Intercom helps connect the members of your home.

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Privacy and Security-

It designed with privacy and security in mind. Nothing you say is sent out of your home until you active Siri with a touch or heard those magic words “Hey Siri”. Your request are not associated with your Apple ID, and you choose whether apple saves your audio recordings. All communication with smart home accessories uses strong encryption.


Apple Homepod Mini will be available for just $99. But Indian price is 9,900 available in You can order Homepod Mini from November 6th, 2020.

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